Our Mission

Acme’s mission is to provide a hospitality experience to the boaters and customers of our marinas that focuses upon service first. We are committed to building and cultivating relationships with the local community and on-site team to ensure business operations run seamlessly for both employees and the guests.

Marina Operations

At Acme Marinas our goal is to be the Envy of the Waterfront. To accomplish this, we seek out the very best talent in the industry. We look for people who want to be part of something greater than themselves and grow both professionally and personally. At Acme we expect all employees to treat our guests like family, to be good stewards of the marine environment, to grow our businesses to new levels, and to exemplify the enjoyment that a life on the water offers.


We take great pride in providing quality service on our guest’s vessels. Our technicians are highly experienced, credentialed, skilled, and stand by their work. Investing in our people is important to Acme’s culture. We want to grow our employees’ talents through on the job experience, formal training programs, and sponsored certification programs. We provide a wonderful opportunity to challenge one’s capabilities and to grow and hone one’s skills as an integral part of the workplace.

Food & Beverage

Whether it is cooking Prime Rib in North Carolina or preparing Grouper in South Florida, Acme Marinas does it. Whether it’s working in the kitchen or back of house, or working directly with the customers on the restaurant floor, we have opportunities available.


Acme Marinas is looking for the next generation of leaders in the marina industry. Our Management Development Program (MDP) offers an immersive year-long experience where one will learn the ins and outs of our business and the marina industry. This program will prepare one to lead within our organization and propel a career forward with key universally applicable business, accounting, financial and operational skills. Applications open in February and the program commences in June.

Who is Acme Marinas?

Acme Marinas, LLC (“Acme”) is a Charleston-based private investment firm that invests in and operates marinas. Acme seeks out high-quality marinas throughout the US that have built strong individual brands and operations for boaters.‍

Acme believes each and every marina has authentic and irreplaceable characteristics that ultimately drive value for the boaters. Acme strives to maintain and build upon these characteristics including the name, the brand, and the strategic direction of marina operations. Acme believes these attributes are critical to the unique experience each marina provides boaters.‍

Acme is focused on building and cultivating relationships with the local community and on-site team to ease the transition process and ensure business operations continue to run seamlessly for both employees and the boaters.

Acme Marina Locations Map

Acme Core Values

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In thought, word, and deed

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Recognizing the privilege we have to work in the great outdoors and extending the happiness to our guests

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Of ourselves, to our guests and teammates, and for the marine environment that we have the privilege to work in

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In the preparation and execution of our duties

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Embracing new practices and technologies so we continue to lead from the front in the marina industry

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The mentality and actions we take to ensure that we put the needs of others first in both the execution of our duties and the culture we stand for